What are SMSF Accountants?

SMSF Accountants

SMSF Accountants are specialist when it comes to preparing your self managed super funds tax returns. Your SMSF Accountants will need to see all the transactions conducted by your SMSF be it either contributions and earnings coming in or funds going out for any assets the fund purchases and all sundry costs.

When preparing the SMSF tax return your SMSF Accountants  will also audit your superfund, however SMSF Accountants  need to be licenced by ASIC to audit your superfund. So, if your Accountant isn’t licenced they will employ a specialist auditor to do so.

Having your own SMSF usually means you will invest in assets to earn income, usually shares, an investment property or other asset classes, in this case most SMSF will employ a Financial Advisor to put together an investment plan to follow. Some SMSF Accountants are also licenced Financial Advisors which can make it easier for the funds to deal with just one identity.

Financial Advisors work with SMSF Accountants to ensure the Self Managed Super Fund is compliant to the ATO Rules for SMSF’s, if the fund isn’t conforming there can be heavy fines for the fund. So it is important to ensure both your Accountant and Financial Advisor are up to date with SMSF compliance requirements.

If you intend buying property through smsf, then usually your Self Managed Super Fund will need to arrange a mortgage, again this is a specialized area of financing and it what SMSF Loans Melbourne does.

So when it comes to SMSF accounting we suggest you look up an SMSF Accountants and we have a resource page where we have listed a number of SMSF Accountants and Financial Advisors please feel free to call.

To review the list of SMSF Accountants please go here

To review the list of Financial Advisors please go here.

Having good SMSF advisor is the core of any SMSF trustee managing a successful Self Managed Super. So make sure your  advisor be it either your Accountant or Financial Planner has a good understanding of self funded superannuation rules.

SMSF Loans Melbourne helps Property Investors and SMSF to finance their investment property purchases by working with your accountant or Financial Planner to get the best solution for your situation.

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